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We value on-the-job mentoring, professionalism and knowledge exchange and we constantly invest resources in providing training and support to our employees. At AEL, our employees will come across with a variety of formal and informal learning and development opportunities that will continually expand horizons and develop the expertise in the current role or explore the potential in our dynamic business areas.



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Nurturing talent is important to the sustainable development of the industry. We organize trainee programme regularly to employ bright graduates from mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and environmental engineering disciplines and they will undertake a two-year or three-year comprehensive on-the-job training and mentoring under the qualification of the Hong Kong Institution of Engineers Scheme “A” Training. With a firm technical foundation and practical business experience, you will start a career that could really take you further.

  Apprentices will go through a four-year systematic on-the-job training programme and gain technical knowledge and know-how from skilled personnel and they can receive coaching and guidance for their career development from trainers and line training mentors.  In addition, the company sponsors apprentices to attend designated VTC training programmes so that they can acquire recognized academic qualifications.

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Trainees’ Sharing
Neil Ng, Graduate Trainee

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I have been working at AEL as a Graduate Trainee (Mechanical) since 2015. During the two-year training period, I have been posted in different Engineering Units and I am glad to be involved in various projects which further polish my effective communication skills, enrich my technical knowledge and practical experience, along with many challenges and opportunities.  


The training program has offered me multiple opportunities, at which I participated in the mechanical installation projects and the development of waste treatment facilities. In the installation project, it was a vulnerable experience for me to go through the whole project, from budgeting, procurement, design, fabrication and installation, to practical works in construction site. Besides, I am delighted to be one of the team members of Waste & Recycling Unit and it is a source of pride to apply my mechanical knowledge on solving environmental problems nowadays.


Throughout the training, AEL has given me great flexibility and guidance to grow up and to learn, and my mentors’ consistent input have been invaluable. Meanwhile, I learnt to gauge and criticize issues in macro perspectives from working with some of the brightest minds in the business and the industry which are truly valuable assets for my career path.